eResearch Software Solutions and Services

Welcome to Moderas where we meet the electronic needs of Research Institutions with our FastTrak product. FastTrak includes Pre-award, Post-award, Subawards, Negotiations, IRB, IACUC, Conflict of Interest, SynKronize for integrating your data, and standard reporting. 

Moderas supports getting your institutional data into FastTrak using our SynKronize tool. Are you a Banner school?  We've developed a Banner package that gets the data needed to support FastTrak directly from your Banner system, you could be up and running in hours!  We provide standard as well as business intelligence reporting using our InSight tool, a system so simple even lay people can generate, schedule, and distribute reports.  

Want to get up and running fast but have a limited budget?  Check out our FastTrak to get you going quickly!  Couple FastTrak with our BootCamps to get the most out of your open source solution.  Learn a little or learn a lot on site, through webinars, or at your location. Don't have time for dedicated training and want to be more hands on, take advantage of our free monthly webinars to get you started.

Need a helping hand?  Have you run into hurdles that you just don't have the time or resources to deal with? Let Moderas help with our On-Demand support and get just the help you need from professionals with the most extensive experience available.