Compliance Modules

The IRB and IACUC modules were developed to incorporate the best practices of institutions with complex hospital, clinical, and medical research management experience. The modules enable research institutions to maximize efficiency in the protocol application, and review the process by connecting the researchers, the IRB or IACUC, and other key institutional authorities charged with the protection of animals and human research volunteers.

Maintainers can set up and maintain review committees, including the composition of the committees and the committee schedules. Faculty can prepare, submit, and track protocols in a secure environment. The application also allows investigators to create and submit protocols to a committee, and then receive communication during the review process throughout the protocol life cycle.

Because the protocol can be linked within the application, pre-award ( Proposal Development, Institute Proposal), and post-award (Award) departments can easily access the protocol, grant, and award information.

In addition to protocols FastTrak also allows for the creation of committees, schedules, agendas, meeting minutes and correspondences.

Utilizing our SynKronize IRB Protocol Import tool institutions can perform a one time load of legacy protocol data from home grown or commercial systems allowing them to get up and running fast with their existing data.  

Check the MŌDERAS demonstration page for free webinars on compliance functionality or contact us at for a personalized demonstration.

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