Solutions for your Pre-Award needs using MŌDERAS and KC

Kuali Coeus (KC) is capable of supporting the needs of pre-award offices of all sizes. Coupling the Kwest funding opportunity module from MŌDERAS your office will have a one stop solution for finding funding opportunities, generating proposals, creating budgets, routing them through your institution and submitting them electronically. 

Proposals:  The Institute Proposal module is an institutions method of tracking of proposals. This module allows you to track all the proposals at your institution, those created in KC using proposal development and those created outside the system (even paper proposals). The data from institutional proposal is the high level summary data for all proposals so it is often used for standard reports and for feeding an institutions data warehouse.

The majority of Coeus users have implemented Institute Proposal to track all their proposals. It's a logical place to start and it allows for the flexibility of adding any type of proposal to the system.

The Proposal Development module is where a proposal starts in institutions that have implemented this module. This is where the proposal data, detailed budgets, and the proposal documents can be attached. Proposals can be created without impacting your reporting since its most common to report that information out of Institute Proposal and it's not required that a proposal be promoted to a Proposal Development record unless it's been submitted to a sponsor. Proposals can also continue to edited continuously until routing for approvals.

Check the MŌDERAS demonstration page for free webinars on KC pre-award functionality or contact us a for a personalized demonstration.

Consider a fully functional demonstration site to put KC through it's paces and see what it can do. For more information click here

Key Pre-Award Features

  • Electronic routing and approval process for proposal development and institute proposal
  • Key Personnel
  • Work flow
  • Proposal development
  • Institute proposals for work done outside the system (paper proposals, etc.)
  • Narratives
  • Yes/No Questions
  • Negotiations module attached to Institute Proposal
  • Code tables drive consistency
  • Data populating your Data Warehouse for reporting purposes
  • Pulling institutional data into the system (ex. personnel and financial records)
  • System to System Submission for Grants.Gov
  • Integrated with the KC IRB Module
  • IACUC integration slated for March 2012