Solutions for your Pre-Award needs using MŌDERAS and KC

FastTrak capable of supporting the needs of pre-award offices of all sizes with a built in data integation tool and reporting. Coupling the Kwest funding opportunity module from MŌDERAS your office will have a one stop solution for finding funding opportunities, generating proposals, creating budgets, routing them through your institution and submitting them electronically. 

Proposals:  The Proposal Development module is where the proposal data and detailed budgets is created and the proposal documents can be attached for submission. For those seeking to roll out proposal creation to principal investigators we recommend our TurbGrants module with allows them to jump right in creating proposals with little to no training.

The proposal module allows for creation of proposals at the level you want to store and report on your data.  For example can take advantage of it's powerful budgeting tool or you can elect to enter summary information in upload a detailed budget to the system, whatever works best for you.

Proposals can be electronically routed throughout you organization.  Tee workflow engine can act on ay piece of data in the proposal or budget to fine tune your routing to meet your needs.  Make sure your proposal get electronic signatures from PIs, Co-PIs, Chairs, Deans, Program Managers, Finance, etc.

Proposals can be submitted electronically or manually based on your needs and forms can be exported to PDF as required.  It's important to note that a proposal can be submitted to a sponor before the workflow process has been completed and that the system notes post submission approvals and rejections clearly so they may be tracked.

FastTrak allows for investigators to manage their proposal and submission to their Department/Unit or Central administrators who are notified of the need for action. Proposal Coordinators can then be assigned to give the PI a point of contact to work with on completion.  When a proposal is nearing the final stages Proposal Coordinators have the ability to lock the proposal to make the final edits before submission to workflow for approvals.  

Proposal Log:  Proposal log records can be created for pre-proposal processes or for proposal created outside the system to make sure you have all your proposals in one place for reporting. 

Institution Proposal:  Institutional Proposals are created automatically when a proposal is submitted to a sponsor or manually for promoting a proposal log record for submission.  Institutional Proposals are the official record fo what has been submitted to the sponsor and allow for editing details that come up before and during the negotiation process pre-award.  

Check the MŌDERAS demonstration page for free webinars on KC pre-award functionality or contact us a for a personalized demonstration.

Consider a fully functional demonstration site to put FastTrak through it's paces and see what it can do. For more information click here

Key Pre-Award Features

  • Proposal development
  • Electronic routing and approval process for proposal development and institute proposal
  • Key Personnel
  • Budgets
  • Proposals logs for work done outside the system (paper proposals, etc.)
  • Narratives
  • Questionnaires
  • Code tables drive consistency
  • Data populating your Data Warehouse for reporting purposes
  • System to System Submission to Grants.Gov and Research.Gov
  • Integrated with the IRB Module
  • Integrated with the IACUC Module
  • Integrated with Negotiations
  • Integrated with Conflict of Interest
  • Integrated with Institutional Proposal
  • Institute proposals for work done between submission and award
  • Integrated with Awards