Moderas Products are integrated with the KC Open Source Application

KC is an Open Source research administration product, a fully functional replacement of MIT's current Coeus pre and post award, and IRB modules. Despite some confusing terms it's important to understand that unlike Coeus, KC is completely free. There are no requirements to pay any fees whatsoever to use KC, you can download and install it at no cost.

MŌDERAS is adding to and building on the KC platform by providing an add-on modules (KwestInSight, and Equate) and application overlays that will improve usability and functionality by taking advantage of Web 2.0 technologies. More importantly, we will be adding the enhancements that research administrators on our staff demand to make the application a tool that guides staff in the things like the proposal creation process. Their vision, that an application should assist you by showing what is necessary and eliminate fields that are not germane to your specific need, is our mandate. We also provide support for customizations should your institution wish to enhance the standard Kuali Coeus product.

Many institutions have developed their own solutions and others have purchased extremely expensive software products from large vendors such as InfoEd™ , Click Commerce, or PeopleSoft™. While we understand the rationales behind those choices, we believe they are likely to cost your institution far more than necessary to perform some rudimentary functions. If your institution hasn't adopted a solution yet, we encourage you to consider KC. Those looking to abandon their current vendor also should consider KC. We will assist you with data conversion to move your current data into the KC format and provide the training necessary to get your staff back on track quickly.

KC stores all the information that's required for your staff to create and submit proposals. As a centralized system it draws upon your institutional information to quickly and effectively create proposals that meet sponsor requirements. Specific forms and user defined fields will be created to address individual sponsors, department needs, or any situation that may occur.

Many vendors split their modules up into small pieces likely in an effort to extract the greatest profit from institutions. Kuali Coeus integrates proposal development, proposal tracking, institutional proposals, electronic submissions, awards, sub awards, IRB, IACUC, negotiations, and budgeting all together as part of the same integrated solution.

For institutions with an end to end solution in mind, it's important to mention that proposals and budgets created in these modules can easily be linked to Human Subjects Management, Animal Care and Use, Environmental Safety Protocols, and other MŌDERAS modules that integrate with Kuali Coeus.

We hope you will review our products and recognize that the savings in software cost, maintenance, support, training and professional services will improve your cost benefit analysis. That improvement, coupled with our return on investment, will seal the deal when comparing us with other solutions.

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See the KC User Documentation here.