August 2015, Albany State College selects Moderas FastTrak as their hosted eRA system for research.

July 2015, The University of Central Missouri selects Moderas FastTrak as their hosted eRA system for research.

March 2015, Moderas provides On-Demand support for Southern Illinois University

February 2015, Moderas releases CitiConnect.  Finally integrating the CITI Program™ with Kuali Coeus™ and FastTrak™ Institutions now have the means to track and report on their staff’s training. Read More here.

October 2014, Providence College goes live with FastTrak!

September 2014, Texas State University goes live with Proposal Development with the assistance of Moderas.  Texas State University also adopted InSight for reporting and SynKronize for keeping their SAP data in synch with Kuali Coeus, two products offered by Moderas.  Texas State University also partnered with Moderas in the development ofTurboGrants, a tool that allows faculty to create proposals with little to no training.

August 2014, The College of the Holy Cross adopts the Moderas FastTrak cloud hosted environment for managing their research efforts. Check out the press release here

August 2014, Providence College adopts the Moderas FastTrak cloud hosted environment for managing their research efforts. Read More here.

July 2014, Moderas releases its FastTrak cloud hosted Kuali Coeus Environment.  FastTrak includes not only the core Kuali Coeus product but also the tools necessary to get the greatest value for the system.  The Moderas SynKronize tool is included for keeping KC in sync with an institution's Human Resources and General Ledger systems of record.  Additionally the Moderas InSight tool is included which provides standard reporting capability.

July 2014, Moderas completes work on TurboGrants!  TurboGrants is a module designed to allow investigators to enter proposals in Kuali Coeus with little to no training wahtsoever.  It utilizes an interview based process asking simple questions that are easily answerable by users with no familiarity with the complexities of a KC proposal development record.  The data is limitted to that which the investigator knows allowing for more detail to be entered by department and central staff.  The system adds new statuses making it easier to understand where a proposal is in the process and allows for submitting to OSP, assigning proposal coordinators, and locking of proposals for final edits by research administrators before submitting to workflow. TurboGrants also provides a dashboard with counts by status to investigators and administrators for their proposals.   

May 2014, Moderas enters into a partnership with Absolute Research to help bring their CORE product to market.  Absolute Research has developed a one of a kind source for IRB research compliance administrators to allow them to easily search for Regulations, Court Cases, Findings, Guidance, and much more all in one place.  Moderas will utilize our Kwest platform to deliver this critical data to IRB administrators to help them keep their institution in compliance.  "We're excited to provide a tool that will allow institutions to have confidence they're in compliance that will take a fraction of the time they currently spend and provide far more confidence" says Chris Thompson of Moderas. Future plans include integration with the Kuali Coeus IRB module to provide data on demand within the protocols themselves allowing for citations to support your studies with just one click. 

March 2014, Moderas President Chris Thompson participates in a Mission trip to Belize to build a home for a needy family.  Chris and his 19 year old son travelled to Belize with members of their church to build a new home for a family in need.  "It was a wonderful experience and I feel we got far more out of it than the family we traveled there to help" said Chris.  The team built a two bedroom home for the family of 5 in the week they were on site and plan to return next year to build another.  The Oasis Ministry has built over 75 homes for families in the Belmopan region of Belize.

February 2014, Moderas has hired additional editorial team members in response to the increasing demand for Kwest our funding oppounities search tool.

January 2014, Moderas completes work on Phase One (1) of ReKoncile with Carnegie Mellon University.  ReKoncile is a new module that coupled with our SynKronize tool will integrate expenditures with awards, allow for budget projections, entry of greater detail for general ledger entries, and burn rate reports.  We've also officially released ourSynKronize product for Kuali, KC, and IRB protocol imports.

December 2013, Moderas begins work on "TurboGrants" in partnership with Texas State University. This new module will allow principal investigators to create proposals through an interview process with little to no training. 

November 2013, Moderas provides bootcamp training on site for the Marshfield Clinic to help them with their adoption go KC Post Award functionality. 

October 2013, Moderas completes work on the addition of Banner integration with our KC SynKronize tool.  This new development allows for easy transition of data from Banner directly into KC.  We've also developed the infrastructure for pushing data back into Banner.

September 2013, Moderas announces Kuali Coeus BootCamps for do it yourselfers who need assitance with adopting the KC open source platform.

August 2013, Moderas partners with the College of Saint Rose to work on an Effort Reporting module for KC.  The Moderas team will work with the instructor to provide a real world project for students with a background in information technology.

July 2013, Moderas exhibits at NCURA PRA and FRA conference

June 2013, Moderas announces it's FasTrak solution for affordable hosting and support for Kuali Coeus in the cloud.

April 2013, Welcome aboard Adam Myatt!  Adam is taking on the role of Chief Technology Officer for MŌDERAS after many years working with GE Research and Development.  Adam is Java Sun Certified and the author of two books on Java development and we're proud to have him here bringing his talents and work ethic to our partners. 

March 2013, MŌDERAS commits to being an exhibitor at the SRA sectional meetings and becoming the 8th SRA sponsor. We're very excited about our new relationship with SRA and plan to be a sponsor for years to come!

January 2013, MŌDERAS wins the RFP with Texas State University to help implement Kuali Coeus for the entire Texas State System.

November 2012, MŌDERAS enters into a contract with Carnegie Mellon to develop a post award tracking module for Kuali Coeus.  This module will deliver a dashboard for PIs so they can see their expenditures related to their awards in summary and drill right into the smallest expenditure detail.  The module will also allow administrators to modify budgets to match actual circumstances and create and report on budget projections.

November 2012, MŌDERAS exhibits at the NCURA National in Washington D.C. for the first time.  Building on our experience in Orlando we had great interactions with attendees and look forward to participating again next year.

October 2012, MŌDERAS exhibits at the SRA National Meeting in Orlando Florida. This was our first experience as a vendor at a conference and we had a great experience.  The attendees asked great questions and provided wonderful feedback and the SRA staff was outstanding.  We'll see everyone again next year in New Orleans!

July 2012, Jennifer Cohen comes on board as Marketing and Development coordinator.  Jen will be helping us with our Social Media efforts and providing marketing assistance.  Jen has previous experience in this field as well as with providing quality assurance testing and support for pre-award.  

June 2012, MŌDERAS steps up efforts to deliver regular webinars on KC functionality and get the word out about this great solution.

May 2012, Contract finalized with the University of Toledo, work begins on delivering full Kuali Coeus functionality of version 5.0 of KC.

April 2012, MŌDERAS finalizes contract to host and support Kuali Coeus Pre and Post award functionality for Kaiser Permanente in Colorado. 

March 2012, MŌDERAS reaches the second round on Texas State Universities RFP and travels to San Marcos Texas to present Kuali Coeus.

March 2012, MŌDERAS presents at the SRA North East/Western Sectional meeting.  The presentation was on open source software and the open source research administration solution Kuali Coeus.

March 2012, MŌDERAS delivers first commercially hosted Kuali Coeus environment for Agnes Scott College in Decatur Georgia.

February 2012, MŌDERAS enters negotiations to deliver first vendor assisted non higher education Kuali Coeus implementation with Kaiser Permanente.

January 2012 - February 2012, MŌDERAS responds to 7 publicly offered RFPs and 5 other requests for proposals in the first two months of the year, an unprecedented beginning to the new year.

November 2011, MŌDERAS selected to to provide an open source Electronic Research Administration solution for the University of Toledo!

August 2011, MŌDERAS reaches the final round in The University of Toledo's RFP for an Electronic Research Administration application.  Moderas provided a proposal for a Kuali Coeus solution and reached the final round of two with InfoEd. 

June 2011, MŌDERAS reaches an agreement with Skidmore college in upstate New York to implement Kuali Coeus pre and post award functionality.

May 2011, MŌDERAS reaches the final round in Western Kentucky Universities RFP for an Electronic Research Administration application.  Moderas provided a proposal for a Kuali Coeus solution at WKU and reached the final round again with the same two vendors, Cayuse and Key solutions. For reference purposes Key Solutions utimatley won this opportunity but the project was abandoned by WKU after approximately 6 months.

January 2011, MŌDERAS reaches the final round in Oregon State Universities RFP for an Electronic Research Administration application.  Moderas provided a proposal for a Kuali Coeus solution at OSU and reached the final round with Cayuse and Key solutions.

November 2010, MŌDERAS releases the KWEST funding module to production.  Kwest is a powerful search tool that can't be beat for ease of use and flexibility.  Kwest can be integrated with Kuali Coeus so that search results can be populated directly into a proposal in KC.

August 21th 2010, MŌDERAS develops the first ever "Driver's Manual" for Kuali Coues. In an effort to deliver the same artifacts as the Kuali Financial System staff from Moderas created a Drivers Manual for adopters and evaluators of Kuali Coeus.  The Drivers Manual was provided to the Kuali Foundation for distribution. 

July 25th-27th 2010, MŌDERAS hosts KC2010 the first ever Kuali Coeus User Conference.  We feel the conference was a great success and look forward to holding it again next year!  Saratoga was a fantastic host location and the accommodations were wonderful.  The sessions were well received and we thank WinMill for participating and presenting at the conference.

July 19th - 21st 2010, Staff from MŌDERAS volunteer at PRA 4.  In addition to volunteering and participating in various sessions to improve our understanding of our clients needs MŌDERAS participated in a session on eRA in PUIs.  We learned a great deal about the needs of smaller schools and PUIs at this session and hope to find ways to make eRA affordable for institutions that have funding limitations.

June 9th 2010, MŌDERAS begins providing webinars on Kuali Coeus and general electronic research administration needs. Check here for more times and topics of upcoming webinars.

June 2nd 2010, MŌDERAS is invited to participate in another unsolicited request for proposal. Boston University is looking for assistance with their planned KC implementation. 

May 14th 2010, MŌDERAS is invited to participate in an unsolicited request for proposal for the Desert Research Institute in Nevada.  The DRI is looking for a research administration solution and we're proposing KC with some enhancements to meet their needs.  "We're competing with the established vendors on this opportunity so this will be a great chance to see if institutions are ready for open source solutions and how KC stacks up"  -Chris Thompson.

April 25th 2010, MŌDERAS will be participating in the NCURA Region II meeting in Princeton NJ. Stop by and say hello, share your unique story, and let us tell you a little about us.

April 15th 2010, Kelly Welsh from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is the first recipient of the MŌDERAS Region II travel award. We were pleased to be able to provide Kelly with the opportunity to network with her peers and attend what she referred to as very valuable sessions that spoke to her needs as the Senior Administrative Manager of the Department of Epidemiology.

April 1st 2010, MŌDERAS becomes a Kuali Commercial Affiliate. Putting it's money where it's mouth is MŌDERAS stepped up to the plate and joined the ranks of other Commercial Affiliates like IBM and Sun. The financial commitment cements our commitment to grow the Kuali Coeus product

February 3rd 2010, Norman Zeyak joins MŌDERAS in the role of Business Manager. Norm applies his background as an engineer and manager with a Fortune 500 company with his Masters in Business Administration degree to boil problems down to their most basic and common elements. Given complex issues, Norm weaves together a myriad of smaller individual solutions to derive a complex, cohesive, and often pitch perfect resolution to the challenges presented. We feel lucky to have Norm driving the operations at MŌDERAS. .

January 14th 2010, MŌDERAS announces plans for a July 2010 conference focused on the Kuali Coeus product in Saratoga New York. "Anticipating a flood of interest in this exciting new product we feel there's a real need for a conference for institutions seeking to implement an open source research administration solution". If your institution is interested in attending please Click Here to take a quick survey.

January 1st 2010, MŌDERAS takes over operations of the Capital District Java Developers Network. After ten years the managers of the CDJDN were seeking someone to step in and take over operations of the local Java Users Group. Moderas, spear headed by Dan Patsey our Development Manager, with the help of Jeffrey Cutler our Principal Software Engineer, have stepped in to take on this responsibility. We're proud of the work that our team is doing and are grateful we can return something back to the community in which we work.

Dec 1st 2009, MŌDERAS announces its intention to extend Kuali Coeus functionality through customization and the creation of add-on products, overlays, and application integrations. "We're very excited about this new emphasis on supporting and integrating with Kuali Coeus" stated MŌDERAS President Chris Thompson.

November 13th 2008, MŌDERAS to Support Kuali Products. The Kuali Foundation is a non-profit organization responsible for sustaining and evolving administrative software that meets the needs of all Carnegie Class institutions. Its members are colleges, universities, commercial firms and interested organizations that share a common vision of open, modular, and distributed systems for their software requirements. The goal of Kuali is to bring the proven functionality of legacy applications to the ease and universality of online services.

Moderas will be providing a Support Site, Chat Help, Email, and Phone Support as well as FAQs, a Knowledge base, and Blogs with RSS and Atom feeds for self service.