Export Control and Kuali Coeus Hosting

Export control in research administration has become a very hot topic and with the building pressure to move resources offsite the question is can your data be secure and meeting export control requirements if it's on the cloud? 

Thankfullly the answer is yes!  With the new export control compliant solutions such as Amazon's GOVcloud not only can you have Kuali Coeus hosting on a secured instance but the system is export control compliant.  In addition to assuring that the data is secured and not accessed on the server side Moderas can provide the front end validation necessary to assure your data is not accessible from export controlled or embargoed countries.  

If you would like more information about our standard hosting pricing please visit http://www.moderas.org/content/KC-Cloud and if you'd like more details about export control safe KC hosting contact sales@moderas.org