Financial Conflict of Interest Solution?

The coming regulation changes promulgated by NIH (42 C.F.R. Part 50, Subpart F) to Financial Conflict of Interest reporting are quickly appoaching.  The deadline for having the necessary changes in place is August 24th 2012 and people are starting to scramble for solutions.  The link to the NIH web pages that discusses these changes in detail is

Moderas is thinking about developing a solution for Financial conflict of Intereste reporting so we've created a location for requirements to be gathered and for wire frames to be developed to start a conversation about what such an applicaiton should look like.  The site is completely open for people to see and share these requirements be they research administrators or even other vendors.  The link is so check it out.  You can share your comments anonymously and ff you'd like to add mockups or make edits you'll be prompted for some basic information by the system so it know's who makes what changes.

We're looking forward to seeing how this initiative is received as we feel it may be a great solution for all our efforts going forward.