Migrating from Coeus to Kuali Coeus

Ben DiMolfetta of Winmill Software, a leading approved Coeus vendor presented this topic at our recent Kuali Coeus User Conference in July 2010 and again as a part of the ongoing Webinars shared by MŌDERAS. The presentation met with great response from the conference and folks on the recent webinar asked if we wouldn't mind sharing the presentation so I've attached it here.  Ben and I worked hard from our relative strengths, his with Coeus and mine with KC to try and provide a good picture of the hurdles we feel lie ahead with migration. I encourage you to contact either Ben (ben@winmill.com, (914) 772-0658) or myself (cthompson@moderas.org, (518) 412-2020) if you have any questions.


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Migrating from Coeus to KC.pdf190.89 KB